Much rhetoric is espoused on the journey of life but little is explained thereafter as often it is offered blindly and without thought or substance. Life is indeed a journey as we discover in Infinite Grace, a journey into one’s self to discover the inherent power of good.

In my journey, I have received numerous words of wisdom from various Masters, Gurus and Teachers.  I have learnt a lot by making myself available as a life-long student of inspirational teachings.  Let me take this moment of grace to share with you some of the wisdom that guides me daily:


worryWorrying is a wasted emotion. It weakens the body and closes the heart off to the voices of the soul. In times of trouble and turbulence the best you can do is to focus on your thoughts and have the knowledge that this too shall pass. This will bring you to a point of silence a state in which the soul’s voice is the loudest. A space where not solutions are found put peace with what is, is created, enabling a healthier quality of life. It is in finding peace with the present that builds character,  that forges us forward, that bring wisdom and that polishes us to be the brightest diamonds God has meant us to be. There are too many solutions to one issue. The point to life is not to solve the problem, but to experience life, grow richer in spirit in order to raise the consciousness of humanity, bringing us love, tolerance and oneness.

What is our function in life?

CrucifixOur real job in this life is to show up as Christ’s representative on Earth, which is to be the love that is not of this world at all times; and through this awareness to seek and honour the God presence in each person, in each situation.   When you remember who you represent, that is our function here.   Your only function is to greet the Christ in each person that you meet, our function and happiness are the same. It simply has to do with remembering who you are, and that is a blessing to yourself and to the world.

4 point starYour behaviour will be determined by your self- perception, to the extent that you remember how magnificent you really are and how magnificent your function is then you will go out into the world and you will behave according to your function.  Be very great, be very powerful, remember who you represent.
You are magnificent any time your remember who you are, as you go out into the world remembering  who you are , all the rest of the stuff will fall into place.  Ask only that the forces of love be served.  This is the medium of the miraculous.


  1. Spiritual Law of Compassion—have an open heart to see more, hear more and feel more.
  2. Spiritual Law of Gratitude—be in the moment -Give thanks for each new day and be grateful for each moment, for it reflects our response to the Universe.
  3. Spiritual Law of Giving—when I am in the space of gratitude then I learn to give more and each time this happens, the Universe opens for me to receive more in abundance
  4. Spiritual Law of Acceptance- ‘Lord Grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change and wisdom to know the difference.’  When we surrender our ego or when we surrender the problems that we face- in that moment, the Truth is revealed.
  5. Spiritual Law of Detachment- Be in the world and be not of it….Just as the roots of the Lotus is steeped in muck, its flowers transcend the quagmire of our daily existence, untouched, pure and beautiful.
  6. Spiritual Law of Earnestness: Everything is a part of life. Seek to find its balance and do not hang on to pleasure or pain. It is in enduring what life brings to us, that our practice becomes stronger. Relax more, Meditate more, Be Still more.
  7. Spiritual Law of Love—from heart to heart and soul to soul— For it is only in Love that we see all as the Transcendent…all is One.

Being the greatest student in this journey of light requires us to really work hard on deconstructing who we think we are thus changing our minds to become who we really are.

We are all born with beautiful and in-tune voices, and it is possible for us all to return to the full expression of this instrument that can express truth and beauty within use. ~ Chris James

Words: Yvonne Kgame

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