Story telling is a spontaneous calling and an opportunity to make your voice heard – what is critical is how you answer your call. It is an opportunity to inspire the telling of our own authentic stories – we are authors and artists of our own lives. It is a time for delving deep inside yourself and letting go so the truth heals you. Story telling allows the time to reflect and listen to your inner voice.

12 courageous stories with 12 valuable lessons is made available this Human Rights Day as a free download.

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3 Responses

  1. Linda

    Yvonne my friend and sister on this day I bid you and family Happy Easter Sunday. You are my hero and you taught me how to forgive and find healing in the process. You inspire me to reflect into my inner self to find myself, the real me.
    God bless you.
    Linda Bailey Dr

  2. Mmatheo

    We can only give others that which we are made of, our essence that defines the Oneness, the Crux of our “Spiritual DNA”
    Mme Kgame you fulfilling that high spiritual mandate in this lifetime, Namaste!


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