The world will, on 18th July, celebrate the birth of a legend; An African Icon celebrated the world over as a symbol of hope, peace, service and humanity, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. In celebrating this prestigious occasion, Nelson Mandela has called on everyone to, in the month of July, donate 67 minutes of their time offering service to those who are in need.

Nelson Mandela and his life journey, epitomizes the ethos of Ubuntu, Botho, Humanness. He selflessly gave 27 years of his life to liberate South Africans, he opted for forgiveness with the aim of creating a healthy non-racial and non-sexist society, in recognition of ubutu – I am because you are.

In preserving the legacy of Madiba, to care for and serve humanity, we call on each and every one of you, to reflect and meditate on the philosophy of ubuntu and what it means to serve humanity selflessly.

“I am because you are” – the philosophy of ubuntu, is a promise where we as South Africans, as a people, make to each other, to care for and value one another. This is a period to truly open our hearts, put our spirit to work and offer 67 precious minutes of our lives to volunteer our incredible talents for the upliftment of our fellow citizens. 67 minutes where, with purpose, we will re-ignite the spirit of caring and giving.

The gift that Madiba gracefully and courageously granted us, South Africans, is of triumph and the ability to overcome the most challenging times. It is therefore fitting that the gift that we give to Madiba and the world is of keeping ubuntu alive. Through the spirit of selfless service, we are able to transform ourselves, our elders, our children our communities, society and the world at large…we truly are able to make love to the world.

Service heightens our greatness as it is a moment that employs our sense of compassion, love and humanness. It is a pure essence of what it means to be alive and of use to your fellow citizens.

So go forth, be courageous and radiate your boundless light, as your greatness will inspire and transform lives in a profound manner.

Contribute your 67 Minutes of your precious time.

Words: Yvonne Kgame

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