The IMeditate Campaign is a 3 year campaign which started in 2013 in celebration of the 50 years of the African Union.  This year’s campaign is dedicated to South Africa’s 20 years of democracy in celebration of freedom and unity.

Today in celebration of Africa Day the I MEDITATE ARICA campaign (Powered by The Art of Living Foundation) is aimed at creating a tidal wave of peace throughout the African Continent using mass meditation and the power of the collective as the tool.

the-art-of-living24 African Countries across the continent and more than 85000 learners in Educational Institutions have already meditated with the meditations being dedicated to peace in Africa. 76 Countries around the world participated in support of Africa Day with 1400 mass meditation locations.

Leading proponent of peace and Global Humanitarian His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar guided a live meditation

His message is: “Peace and prosperity go together.  If there is no peace there is no prosperity and vice versa.

Africa is known for its rhythm.  The rhythm is what meditation is.  Meditation is the rhythm of the soul, the rhythm of life, the rhythm of harmony, the rhythm of aligning with nature.

When you meditate nature rejoices.  When you align with nature through meditation you create so much positive energy not just around us but for the whole planet.  The intention for the African Continent is to become peaceful and free of conflict.  We pray that peace dawns and sense prevails.  It is so unfortunate that people are fighting in the name of God and religion.  Let us pray for the whole continent to be free of war and crime.  Meditation is a powerful way to bring a wave of happiness that is so much needed today.  Let each one of us be the lighthouse of peace.

Contact: Kirtida Bhana
Cell: 0823220117

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  1. philile

    i have tried meditating but doesnt work for me can i be able to get some form of instruments to use to help my mind and brain to connect and medicate and connect with my soul and spirit? as there such help i can get

  2. Aanchal

    READ and understand. Jesus said, we are to love God with all our heart, all our mind and all our soul, And then he said, we are to love our nigbheor as our selves. Who is our nigbheor? In 1st John it says, If any love they are begotten of God. It also says 4:9 By this was (is) revealed the love of God IN US.They changed the words to amongst or in the midst. Check the Greek! Have faith in Love, real and true in you. The hope of Glory in you. The LOVE IN YOU. The mind of the only true God.


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