From Recovery to Discovery (Trailer)
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A divine gift of Infinite Grace

Faith Magazine High Tea, 21st April 2012, Meyersdal Eco Estate Conference Centre

“Faith is trusting and believing in a power we can neither see nor touch. It’s a feeling born deep within our hearts that keeps us holding on even when we feel all our strength is gone.  Faith is a promise of hope that whispers, “You’ll be okay…” even through the darkest times, and it fills us with power we could never find on our own.  It is a bridge between your heart and God. I wish you faith that fills you with peace and contentment – and grows even stronger with each passing day.” ~ Jason Blume

faith-magazineWe can never do enough to seize the power of knowledge and wisdom to engage, enrich and touch lives.  I am a miraculous survivor of a stroke which is the highest killer of men and women in our country.  I was diagnosed many years ago with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and then the subsequent tumour and I have been healed from all of these illnesses. I understand the pain that people go through and I know that we can use the power of our own knowledge and wisdom to heal ourselves and then to serve others with passion to encourage zest for life.  My journey has been an amazing marriage between science and spirituality however we each have our own special journey to travel. My book is not a prescription to health, it is just about my own personal journey.  Any treatments should be explored in consultation with medical doctors.

The only 2 things in life that are certain is change and death.  Our bodies are not monuments and we will pass on one day but we should remember that our souls will live forever.  When we live fully we will die gracefully.  In some ways we can actually be friends with death – we should not fear it – we should live each day like it is our last with faith and zest.  I was declared terminal however my zest for life encouraged me to keep going and to continue having extraordinary presence, for life can be cut short by anything else.  Education and health is the wealth of every nation and information is power – we need to weave zest for life to anchor respect for life.


  1. It is a spontaneous spiritual calling – what is critical is how you answer the call
  2. It is an opportunity to inspire the telling of our own authentic stories as we are all authors and artists of our own lives
  3. It is a time for delving deep inside yourself and letting go so the truth heals you.  When we go through a tapestry of pain, anger, rejection, fear, disillusionment and regrets we discover at the same time the hidden pearls of grace, joy, love, peace, happiness understanding, knowledge, power, wisdom and genius
  4. Telling stories inspires other souls to have the courage to author their own stories in their own organic voices.  It’s an eternal gift and a thought memory that will live beyond your years and live forever – stories never die
  5. When you tell stories you discover the peace within yourself which elevates you to a higher consciousness and deeper awareness to an understanding that you are life, you are light, you are love!  This state is not a state of superiority or elitist, a state of being special nor is it a state of being better than the next person, nor does it put you on a pedestal.  It is rather a state of awareness of who you are.  It is an enabler that aligns you when you go off track.  Put simply it is angelic consciousness because there is a purity and an angel inside all of us. Consciousness reiterates that there is an angel in all of us.  It reminds us of the spirit of Ubuntu:  ‘That I am because you are, you are because we are.  Unless you are I cannot be.  We are one.’
  6. It is a time to heal our own hurt and embrace blessings and gratitude. Remembering that we are worthy of love no matter what we have done or not done. God is good and with us all the time. All we need is unshakeable faith, steadfast trust and boundless belief.
  7. Opening yourself up unleashes blockages that turns a deaf ear to the inner voice which is humbly pleading lovingly to be redeemed. Your soul is pleading for freedom.

Infinite Grace - eBookMy book extends an invitation to the readers who are on the same road that I was will be inspired and learn from the lessons that I learnt, from my faith and courage, from the mistakes that I made and the vision I had. I trust that they will also learn from the successes and hopefully receive insight, awareness and light from the in-between moments. It is my sincere wish that as they engage my thoughts, they rediscover their own healing solutions.

“… It is only the story that can continue beyond the war and the warrior.  It is the story that outlives the sound of war-drums and the exploits of brave fighters.  It is the story… that saves our progeny from blundering like blind beggars into the spikes of the cactus fence.  The story is our escort; without it, we are blind.  Does the blind man own his escort? No, neither do we the story; rather it is the story that owns us and directs us.” ~ Chinua Achebe, Anthills of the Savannah (1987)

Let me share with you the wisdom that I drew from The Soul of a Butterfly:  Reflections on a life’s journey by Muhammad Ali with Hana Yasmeen Ali:

“I am going to share a little secret with you.  Running has always been a source of my stamina.  Early in my career I learned to run until I was tired, then run even more after that.  But all the running I did before the fatigue and pain was just the introduction to my workout.  The real conditioning began when the pain set in.  That was when it was time to start pushing.  That was when I would count every mile as extra strength and stamina.  What counts in the ring is what you can do after you’re exhausted.  The same is true of life.

Outrun the people who quit when they feel discomfort, outrun the people who stop because of despair, outrun the people who are delayed because of prejudice, outrun the people who surrender to failure, and outrun the opponent who loses sight of the goal.  Because if you want to win, the will can never retire, the race can never stop, and faith can never weaken.”

Nolitha’s:  12

What does Nolitha’s: 12 stand for?


NO = Isixhosa means “A Mother” e.g. Nolitha is “Mother of Light”

“Every human being has a unique genius, our individual inner power and infinite wisdom is always with us.  All we do is to tap into it if we are to stay aware and fully embrace the call to dance to our inner rhythm and the rhythm of the universe to be free.  Let it Be and so Be it.” ~ Yvonne Kgame

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