The children of Africa learn from stories. It is these stories that shape our minds, our bodies and nourish our souls. Traditionally, the elders and the known storytellers pass on the word, knowledge, skills and values from generation to generation by telling these stories in villages. Likewise, our homes are villages of creative storytellers. Thus, storytelling is the pulse of who we are. As parents, teachers and caregivers, we are privileged and honoured to be entrusted to continue this with wisdom. We as caregivers need to chart an unpaved path with these stories. We need to acknowledge that the journey will be filled with lessons to be learnt, and mistakes to be made over and over again. Every culture has their own traditional stories that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Warona Kgame

This book is dedicated to my darling Warona,
her parents, Thokozani and Ntsiki. You are forever loved.

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