Class of 2013

Arise, awake and stop not until the goal is reached

Because we are all connected, nothing outside of us will change until we change ourselves. We tend to want to ‘change the world’ in order to make our lives better. Instead, we need to change ourselves in order to make the world better. It is a paradox. The more you want to change the world, the more you have to change yourself – Yehuda Berg “The Power to Change Everything”

The Race of Life

Our journey into life begins before we are born… We swim in our mothers loving bodily fluids that protects us from the outside world.

We are then separated at birth… No more protection.  We master the art of making sense of the world.  Then we master the art of crawling.  Then we master the art of walking.  Then we master the art of talking.  At some point we do this all at the same time without thinking.

Then we enter the realm of mental and physical development by way of nursery, primary and high schools.  You have now mastered it.

We are here to acknowledge and honour your achievement.  To put it in context.  You are putting your learned skills into advanced practice.

Imagine yourself running a long distance race. Most of you know that running long distance is an obstacle in itself.  At each milestone you are faced with hurdles and bodies of water that you must endure, all the while maintaining your running tempo.   Needless to say that you get weary and tired.  What differentiates you from the crowd is that you kept running.  You did not slow your tempo to a walking pace.  This is the recipe for success in life.

The marathon is a test of perseverance because it covers a long distance and takes several hours to finish.  Therefore the runner not only has to be quick on his feet, he also has to show perseverance to win.  These people are the runners who carried on sweating and steaming ahead all the way to the finish line to achieve their goals.  Inspired by the wisdom of Venerable Master H. Sing Yun, the Chinese say that “a person who is 60 years old is only in the first year of a cycle”.

Real life only starts at 70 and a person at 80 is still only a child.  While many celebrate their 90th birthday, centenarians are rare – Venerable Master Bodhiruci, the great translator lived for 150 years.

So what is the learning for all of us??  This enlightens us that as human beings we all have endless lives however there is more to the marathon of life than running the furthest, running the longest time or having the most perseverance.  The greatest test of life is having achievement.   Though we may not be the champion or the runner up, at least we will finish the whole race.  That is what is important in the race of life.

We draw from Madiba’s strength as a boxer as well as Mohammed Ali who had such faith, great strength and belief in his own actions that when he went into the ring he celebrated himself already as a winner!!  What counts in the ring is what you can do after you are exhausted, the same is true of life.   Run despite feeling discomfort, run even when faced with despair, say no to prejudice,  no to failure, don’t lose sight of your goal, envision yourself as a winner.  If you do, the will can never retire.  The race can never stop and faith can never weaken.  Do it against all odds and listen to your inner voice.  Choose to follow your heart.

Questions to ask Yourself

  • Why is this critical for your life?
  • What does this mean to you?
  • How will you realise your dream?
  • When are you going to do this?
  • Where are you going to do this?
  • With whom are you going to do this?
  • What tools, knowledge, skills and support will you need?
  • How will you know when it’s done?
  • How will you utilise the knowledge that you have received to an extent that it drives, inspires, influences and impacts positive change?
  • Who will benefit from your mission

Thank you for availing yourselves.  Time calls for the elderly to hand over the baton and share what lessons they have learnt – the good, the bad and the ugly.  What is most important is for them to enquire what the next generation’s dreams are and what will it take to get them there.

Having said that, there is so much that you have already learnt, hot skills, values and knowledge so let’s focus this evening and listen to real life stories that we seldom get to hear or learn about in textbooks.

I have chosen to focus on sharing with you the wisdom of those who have already walked the path and have learnt the answers to some of the eternal questions that we all ask.  So the focus is on what we have learnt in our lives.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking of new landscapes but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust

Expressing Grace and Gratitude through Service

I begin to realize that inquiring about my own origin and goal, I am inquiring about something other than myself….in this every realization I begin to recognize the origin and goal of the world. – Martin Buber

As I reflect on the road I have travelled, I realise that this magnificent journey of recovery is an unforgettable moment in the history of my life. It has been a gift of a noble opportunity to search my soul and cleanse the blockages in body, mind and soul at a deep level, some of which I was not even aware of. This journey provided me the opportunity to face my fears, self doubt, the not -good-enough perception I had of myself and the self imposed limitations that come as a consequence.

Today I am free and fully embrace the infinite grace granted to me by the Divine.  I am conscious of this abundant grace daily as it surrounds me as did those angels who guided and protected me on the way to the hospital that nearly fateful night, June 14th 2007 when I suffered a double stoke and subsequent discovery of a Glomas Jugulare Tumour in my head.

I am more in tune with the rhythm of the universe and my new dance with life is one of joyful gratitude. I am overjoyed by the opportunities given to me to enjoy the gift of living in better alignment with the energy of the cosmos. It is indeed true that when we are in alignment with the universe, it has no choice but to grant its infinite grace to us.

I have come to accept that being true to my journey means having to leave behind some of those who once walked with me in the past and joining with new souls who will walk with me on the new journey that lie ahead.  My gift of grace has brought about acceptance of the changes in my life as I surrender to the Divine.

I have come to realise that we are not confined to the events in this life time only.  Our knowledge, wisdom and power gathered over time and space are woven together into a vast tapestry, creating intricate designs on our lives from which we can learn. What is required of us is an openness to explore that which we already have within and to align these with our divine purpose. When we do this, we begin to see the infinite possibilities that fill every precious moment of life.

This journey of grace continues to be an extraordinary adventure for me. I am aware of the myriad of blessings streaming into my life every moment of every day and I accept that I am blessed. The core of my heart and soul has been opened and I feel, see, touch and taste the vast source of love and grace available to me. I am enjoying my rebirth and the divine gift of who I am with the understanding that when we compare ourselves to others we see neither ourselves nor those we look up to. This is often the route that leads to our discomfort with ourselves and self doubt.

My experience of the Divine’s Infinite Grace could have ended as a mere personal encounter, a private moment with my Creator and the lessons I have had to learn. But I believe that my life’s purpose as a teacher compels me to share my story with you. It is my hope that you will find something that will resonate with you and hopefully, take you on your personal mission to find your own magnificence.

I have tried to give you as rich and authentic a portrayal of my experience leading to the new place in which I find myself today. What is left for me to do as I come to the end of my story here is to share some of the insights and daily practices I believe has shaped my transformation. I hope that these points of light will illuminate a path to your own experience of the Divine. I also share with you some of the messages from loved ones who have shared in my experience and have witnessed the new light, love and laughter in me.

Sacred Activitism

I consider the concept of Sacred Activitism, developed by Andrew Harvey, an appropriate framework to adopt as I move into this beautiful and challenging new phase of my life.  Sacred Activism has helped me to create ways with which to infuse the wisdom and love of all the earth angels in my sacred encounters and their life- giving gifts into a new way of being.  Sacred Activism has provided me with a rhythm with which I step out to dance with life.

Sacred Activism, in essence, is a commitment to combine five integrated forms of service. The first is service through connectedness to the Divine – whoever you perceive the divine to be. The second is service to yourself as an instrument of the Divine and the work you are meant to do in the world .The third form of service is to all sentient beings in your life. The fourth is service to your community and encouraging interaction with those around you for the greater good. Finally, recognising that you are a significant person on this planet, being a sacred activist involves service as a global citizen in the world.

Think of these five forms of service as the five fingers of your hand stretched out to bless and help the world.

Service to the Divine

Without constant divine connectedness it is impossible to be a sacred activist – especially in a world as challenging as the one we live in. So turning to the Divine in whatever way you imagine the Divine to be and serving it in devotion, adoration and gratitude is the first step in service.

Ask the Divine to constantly provide you with sacred wisdom. Keep your heart on fire with compassion for all living beings, and keep filling your soul with sacred energy for the purpose you are called to do.

The journey my creator began with me on 14th June 2007 has been a call that has reminded me of who I am and what I am here on this planet to do. Our conversations have brought my being into harmony and empowered me to go inside myself and accept who I am. This has brought about a deep peace within me and I continue to strive to live authentically despite the ups and downs of life.

Service to Self 

You are a laboratory and everyday is an experiment.  Go and fuel what is new and unexpected. – Juel Eilio

A sacred activist needs to be healthy to do the work they are called to do. For the divine to be present in the body requires that we treat the body as a temple.

The tumor, although a traumatic moment in my life, taught me that I needed to slow down and take care of my body for without it, I could not be an instrument of grace.  My call by the Divine was of a physical nature, taking me through this powerful process of realisation and pointing to the importance of taking care of the physical being.

One of the great lessons I take from this journey is to be in touch with the Divine feminine, and to be a mother to myself.  I have learnt that the body I am in should be nurtured and treated with respect and taken care of with the tenderness of a mother.  In daily practice, this means a healthy diet, physical exercise, breathing techniques, daily meditation and sufficient time for rejuvenation, are all aspects of service to self.

Looking after oneself through service to self includes looking after the soul through practices that nourish and inspire spiritual well being, looking after the intellectual aspects of self  and taking care of emotional well being through practising silence and meditation.

For many pursuing sacred experiences, looking after our bodies is often a challenge. Many of us prefer to focus on the spirit, seeing this as more important than the physical.  This is one of the greatest mistakes we can make.  How can the body serve us if we do not love and cherish it as a mother would her new born?  How can we work with the Divine if we continue to be careless about how we treat our physical being?

I have learnt and continue to learn to embrace new ways of taking care of my body. In my daily practice I have adopted good eating habits, continuously try to create positive and harmonious environments and take time to rejuvenate through sleep and other restful activities.

I have found that when I call on the Divine mother within me to restore balance and peace, I receive the Divine energy to focus on my purpose.

By removing the obstacles that prevents our bodies from functioning at its best, we allow our bodies to renew itself, live in balance and to perform at its peak. By honouring and taking care of all aspects of ourselves, we pay honour to the divine and open paths to our truth. Our human self is the temple of our divine self; and we need to honour it by being in the best state of health we can.

I have found that as I take care of my body as an instrument of the Divine, I am more patient and open to others as I go through my day. Most importantly, I have found that I am mastering the art of saying yes when I mean yes and no when I mean no.  I find that giving feedback instantly and expressing my feelings and views in their present moment is much easier.

In my daily practice, I remind myself constantly of the sacred responsibility I have to my body. Here is a prayer which I offer to the Divine to help me stay connected:

“Divine Mother, give me your eyes so I can see myself through them and see how holy in Your eyes my soul is, and how holy in your eyes is my mind, and how holy in Your eyes is my heart, and how holy and sacred in Your eyes is my body.  Help me be as merciful and generous with myself as You would always want me to be; help me honor myself as I have found to my amazement You honor me; help me live and work from the peace and balance and compassion from which You live and work and help.

Help me in these ways, Mother, so I can at last truly become the instrument you need me to become the sacred instrument of Your compassion in action that You created me to be, and that I already am in Your holy and illumined eyes.”

This prayer has done wonders for me. I invite you to use it if it resonates with you, or you may choose your own prayer. Creating your own prayer is a practice which will inspire you and is a wonderful healing process in and of itself, after all, each of us know our own  needs better than anyone else.  As you do this healing work, be true and honest with yourself about the things that do not serve you. Do not judge yourself, or analyse yourself, but merely look at the truth of yourself.

In thinking about service and sacred activism for ourselves remember that we can only give to others what we ourselves already have.  By taking care of body, mind and spirit, we are in a better position to take care of others.

I can only give thanks to my Creator, my parents, my ancestors, my family, my teachers, my guardian angels, my leaders, my masters, my gurus, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbours, my prayer group and all the  earth angels who guided and loved me back to full physical recovery.

My journey was a calling to completeness and to fulfill my purpose to make the world a place of grace. I understand this to be a deep calling, beyond time and space and to accept the service to which I am called.

It is not always that we are called to take care of ourselves as I was, with a dramatic awakening.  Some of us may be called to an awakening in gentler ways. What is important is that we recognise the calling.

In my case, my awakening was the beginning of letting go of a life time of layers of emotional pain, anger, guilt, resentment, betrayal, self-doubt, rejection, and loneliness.  It’s not as though I feel I have arrived, but rather that I have started to live and express the divine through my new dance with life.

Where there was a dark cloud hanging over my head, now there is light, love laughter, joy and celebration.

Service to all Living Beings

Everything would change if only we could treat every single being we meet, human or animal, as who they really are – a disguise of God.

One of my true awakenings has been to look for the beauty in all human beings with whom I come into contact everyday and to experience the divine that is within each one. Whether it be the woman begging at the traffic light, the child crying for a toy in the supermarket, the colleagues struggling financially, our helpers who contribute to the flow of our daily lives, the friends dealing with hard times, family members going through various life experiences – all are part of the divine. The closer your relationship with the Divine, the greater the tenderness and compassion you feel for all beings.

Close, intimate and meaningful relationships are hard to maintain in our frenzied, spin- off- its- axis, stressful world. Relationships of a warm and caring nature, seems only possible in a by-gone era when life was slower.

In my daily practice, I sometimes struggle to maintain the new ways of relating to my family, colleagues and friends and even those who casually come into my space. But I also see the difference that slowing down has made in my approach to others and in encouraging healthy, joyful and balanced relationships.

As I reflect at the end of my day, each day, scanning my interactions with others, I often see opportunities for deeper compassion and understanding. Committing to follow the simple yet powerful practice of remembering that the Divine dwells in all,  lights up my heart and I can once again, commit to embracing all living beings as divine.

Performing service allows us to experience three related forces that will strengthen and inspire us. These are; the force of our own innate compassion, the force of the divine presence in every being, and the force of the divine presence in our reality.

I urge woman, especially in the roles we play in the lives of others as mothers, wives, leaders, teachers, caregivers, mentors and guides, to pay special attention to invite and nurture the divine in these relationships. This gesture will begin to shift your idea of your relationship with God and expand it to include all who come across your path. Make a commitment to remember that those whom you deal with everyday are all divine.  Always return to tenderness and compassion and you will see that over time these relationships become transformed through love.

But it is not only your intimate circle that needs to be nurtured in this way. In the course of our days we come into contact with different people‑ taxi drivers, shopkeepers, waiters, bank tellers and business associates.  Remembering to treat everyone with respect is sometimes difficult because of our egos. We tend to think that it is our own needs that are most important and that others exist only to fulfill them in a manner that suits us.

In a society where nearly everything is based on immediate gratification, we tend to see ourselves and everyone else as cogs in a machine that has to be kept working relentlessly at all costs. The price we pay for this kind of mechanical relationships is immense; it numbs our souls and fills our bodies with stress and tension. Practicing respect for others sets us free from feeling trapped in the cogs and to be our own true selves.

My commitment to restoring my relationships is to slow down each day, to take a moment to see each person as a divine presence, and to respect the essence of who they are.

Service to Community

Nothing is more important than restoring public service in our communities. It has never been more essential for us to recognize that we are all in the same boat and that our local communities reflect the emotional, physical, social, political, financial problems of the larger world – Andrew Harvey

When my friends or colleagues ask me how I know that I have found my life purpose, I say: ’Look at what has caused you heart ache, or what you have tried to avoid in your life.  Identify which one of all the causes in the world really breaks your heart. When you have identified this, you have found your purpose and you will be convinced by it through the energy and passion you feel as you work with your purpose.

Once you have identified your purpose, put it into action immediately so that it doesn’t remain just an idea, but it becomes a practice that you bring into the world every day, with those around you and in your local community.

Here is a practice to help you identify your purpose and experience the focus and empowerment it can give you.

Set your alarm to wake you up at 4:00 in the morning. (This early hour of the morning, is a particularly good time to do spiritual work because noise of the world is hushed and it is easy to feel alone with your spirit and the divine). Sit peacefully and open your heart, perhaps with a prayer, music or a mantra you love. When you are peaceful, allow yourself to feel the pain of what is happening in the world. Ask yourself: what is THE cause of all the causes I care for, that speaks to me the most right now?

When you have identified your purpose; imagine that this purpose is a light or flame that guides you down a staircase into a small, dark cave. This small, dark cave represents the centre of your heart. By the light in your heart, you see that there is a letter on the floor of the cave with your name on it in your own handwriting. Praying for courage and clarity, pick up that letter, open it, and read it.

What I found remarkable in finding my purpose is that I found something real to do and I found something that I was passionate about and felt energised and alive about.  My life became a creative place from which I could visualise a new world and a new way of being for myself and others.

The world is somehow “designed” to break our hearts to the reality of cruelty and suffering. I believe, too, that if each person were to follow their personal heartbreak and then do something about it in their community, a great lessening of pain would occur and replaced by an overwhelming surge of hope.

Through our own deepest heartbreak, we connect with this divine heartbreak of the divine feminine, and it recruits us to do our particular work, and then fills us with the passion and hope to undertake it. However big or small that might seem to you.

Heritage Day is a designated day when we as South Africans celebrate the history and heritage of our country and its people. One of my community activities has been with the Alexander Nursery School where we hosted an occasion attended by community members including children, youth, the elderly, hospice patients and over 100 children between 3 -7 years old from the Nursery School accompanied by their teachers and volunteers.  We chose to host the event at the hospice so that we could include the patients residing at the venue. At the request of the hospice patients, I led a group of women going ward to ward, visiting with individual patients and praying with them and offering a blessing to each.

We celebrated the occasion with song, dance, music, storytelling, poetry and food, inspired speeches on the history of our country, the history of Alexandra Township, why it is important for young people to identify with their cultures, languages, customary practices, information about Art of Living and the techniques they use in order to live a healthy and balanced life were just some highlights of sharing grace and love throughout the day.  We also used drumming as a healing tool bringing peace and unity to the individuals, families, and the broader community. The health of South Africa, through touching the community of Alexander was strengthened by this act of service and my heart soars with hope as I continue to do service in Alex.

Service as global citizens

When you make service the sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind, and gives you meaning –  Sri Sri Ravishankar

“The only possible response to interconnectedness is what the Dalai Lama calls “universal responsibility”: the decision to be conscious in the core of our lives of the effect of all our choices – economic, social, political- congruent with our most compassionate beliefs.

What does this mean in practice to someone who wants to be a sacred activist? It means always remembering to pray for the happiness and safety of all living beings, both when you begin your private spiritual practice and when you end them; it means dedicating your practice, both at the beginning and at the end, to all other beings everywhere; it means committing to being deeply informed on the major crises afflicting our planet, especially our growing environmental challenges; it means having the integrity to see that your money is not invested in corporations that destroy the environment or exploit sweatshop labor; it means buying a fuel- efficient car and taking as much public transportation as you can; it means becoming  aware that our meat-eating habits not only cause great pain to the animals we slaughter, but also engender massive environmental abuse in the clearing of forest for agriculture and so choosing to limit our meat intake or go vegetarian is the way to go.

It means honoring our duty as citizens in our various communities and countries and voting for those officials whom we consider best qualified to safeguard the planet and address the real issues of financial hardship facing our world. It means scrutinizing our own consumerist habits. In a time when so many families are going to bed hungry, it is morally imperative to simplify our lives. Finally, it means being strongly critical of any opinion we hear in our private circles that promotes intolerance of any religion or prejudice against any group.

My opportunity to serve the global community came about when I was an invited by his holiness Sri-Sri Ravishankar the founder of the Art Of Living Foundation Guest of Honor at the Conference on Ethics in Business – Corporate Culture & Spirituality at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium presented by Nirj Deva, a member of the European Parliament and a member of the Board of the World Forum for Ethics in Business, and Hans Martin Schempp, President of the International Association for Human Values.

The Conference is part of the International Business & Leadership Symposium and is an initiative of the International Association for Human Values, a volunteer-based, charitable NGO and sister organisation for the Art of Living Foundation dedicated to the development and promotion of human values in society. I addressed Heads of State, Parliamentarians, Scientists, Nuclear Physicists, Physicians, business and religious leaders as well as youth from over 40 countries about my trauma, life and my journey of healing. This was well received and I was honoured with a standing ovation from youth and others from over forty countries in November 2008.  This was followed by a humble and honourable invitation to participate in the World Cultural Festival.

I was humbled when I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to lead the Gratitude Day in honour of Nelson Mandela as a world ambassador of peace at the World Cultural Festival held in Berlin, Germany on 2nd and 3rd July 2011. This was an event where 70 000 people from 151 different countries joined together to celebrate culture and the unity in diversity.

Doing one’s purpose  should be done without self-righteousness. Who of us, even the most conscious among, does not collude in some way with the very forces of greed, competition, and exploitation that are destroying the world? Even the Dalai Lama takes planes. Even Mother Teresa got driven around Calcutta in a car. Recognizing this inevitable collusion makes you humbler and kinder and more aware of how hard it can be for many people- for all of us, if we are honest- to make the way we live congruent in every way with what we believe and hope for the future.

The greatest reward of trying to live congruently is that you begin to respect yourself more. A major part of the hopelessness is the unspoken believe that everyone is so involved in the “system” that it is impossible to do something real or useful. This has, of course, some uncomfortable truth in it. It is also true that we still have a great many areas in which we can step up and make choices that make a difference and give us empowerment, in both small and large issues, is essential to the success of sacred activism. It cannot be given to you; it has to be earned individually.

Finding that you can become more congruent in all of your choices restores to you a living sense that things in general can be changed and that conditions in the world can be transformed.

As I look back on my life’s work, there are small victories left un-achieved in pursuit of grand victories which will not be obtained in the absence of small victories. Grand victories, big as they are, need small victories to sit on so that their greatness can be clearly seen. Small victories are great too, consider achieving them first.  It’s like the Kingdom of God, you can’t grab its entirety without mastering the daily acts of love and kindness towards one another.

My very latest appointment  and call to service has been by his holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of the Art of Living as director to the board of International Association of Human Values  for the Art of Living. This global organization nurtures and uplifts basic human values and believes that unless the individual’s spirit is uplifted one cannot be an instrument for positive change in society.

Deepening the mystery of creation is Science.
Deepening the mystery of Self is Spirituality.
Spirituality is the technology of the consciousness, and the whole world is the play and display of consciousness.
What is not mystery in this creation?!
Birth is a mystery.
Death is a mystery.
Life is certainly a greater mystery!
The entire creation is an  unfathomable secret!

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Infinite Grace:  Nolitha’s 12

I am privileged and honored to be entrusted with this awesome life purpose of being a teacher.  My service and where do I go to from here is to acknowledge my journey  filled with all its lessons learnt, mistakes made, successes and achievements ,tears and smiles ,pleasure and pain.

I am  inspired by the ancient wisdom contained in the symbol of a cycle,the perfect representation of life – without beginning, without end,from Birth, Death and Rebirth, all things begin and end and then, begin again – as does the universe.

My personal charter which I wish to leave with you is contained in the concept of NOLITHA’S 12.NOLITA is an Isixhosa word which means “Mother of Light” and the number 12 is a number of spiritual significance. These are the pillars with which I start and end my day and which have come to represent my acknowledgement of the Infinite Grace of the divine that has become ever present in my life.

N   urture
O   bserve
L    isten
I    nspire
T    rust
H   ope
A    ct
S    erve

The 12 Pillars

The 12 pillars are a culmination of the lessons on my journey and I believe that through a process of engaging them, they will support your journey to awakening.

  1. Acting audaciously, admitting the truth, accepting and embracing what is, admiring our greatness and that of others
  2. Radiating faith, trust and belief in the Divine while looking for queues that assist us to make choices
  3. Envisioning our destination and embarking on our lifelong marathon with grace
  4. Counting our blessings and having gratitude for what we already have
  5. Savouring the moment, sensing the wonder in now, singing our song, serving fully, shaping up for the marathon of life, strengthen our resources, standing up and being counted, satisfy our thirst for life, sealing our divine contract, sharing our wisdom, stopping and listening:  Smell the roses, soothing our inner self daily, sparkling and shining our light, steering ourselves in the right direction, spraying our genius generously, stretching our mind, body and soul, stripping  away the small stuff, stroking grace in everything we and switching Switch to the truth
  6. Listening to our inner voice and being still – taking ourselves to our inner power and inner knowledge to look, love, light, learn, live, leave a legacy, lead from inside, let go and let it be.
  7. Giving our bodies, minds and spirit balance and be fully aware of every moment
  8. Serving ourselves and others whilst living our best life and loving ourselves and other.
  9. Focusing on our calling and do what is true to us
  10. Enjoying the moment:  having fun and laughter.  Every moment is special and cannot be repeated
  11. Inspiring and creating our master plan, igniting our passion and innovating our solutions in order to hold onto our character
  12. Using our strength to change what we can, the wisdom to leave what we can’t change – it too will pass and surrendering to our creator.

Every human being has a unique genius, an individual inner power and infinite wisdom is always with us.   All we need do is to tap into it if we are to stay aware and fully embrace the call to dance to our inner rhythm and the rhythm of the universe to be free.   So tonight take action and discover your personal pin code that will lead you to live your infinite legacy.

Let it Be and so Be it.
Love, Light and Laughter

About the Author

Yvonne Kgame is a professional with thirty years experience as a leader and senior executive in local and international print publishing and public broadcasting at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Yvonne is also a teacher, chief examiner, mentor, inspirational speaker and researcher and is currently The Executive: Innovations and Editorial Manager of Local Content at the SABC.

During the period of South Africa’s transition to democracy, Yvonne provided insightful leadership in educational broadcasting.  The collective work of her and the team she led has been recognised through 150 international and local awards, and the development of strategic partnerships resulting in a number of co-productions. Among the most prestigious awards she has received are: the Peabody Award, the CBA Broadcasting Award for Outstanding Children’s programmes, and four awards in Italy including the Grand Jury Prize. She was nominated for a South African Feather Award in her personal capacity. She received an award from Images and Voices of Hope, an international organisation focusing on International Dialogues for Thought Leaders in Media – Journalism.

Following her successful leadership in education broadcasting, Yvonne headed up the SABC’s Content Hub, overseeing a broad spectrum of programming genres. At the apex of work in this role, she was overseeing the conceptualisation and broadcasting of more than 800 programmes. During this time her work was recognised through more than 80 local and international awards in just over two and a half years. Amongst these are: an Emmy Award of Recognition for Hosting the Semi-final round of the International Emmys; FEPACI (Pan African Federation of Filmmakers): a Recognition Award for services rendered. In August 2013 Yvonne received 3 awards:  Inspiration; Vision and Modesty; Leadership as voted by SABC staff.

After her double stroke, Yvonne was appointed Executive Manager: Innovation and Editorial. In this role, she supports content houses across various media platforms which express, celebrate and affirm South African and African stories.  Yvonne’s passion for weaving and positioning the African tapestry in a global context represents her quest for making Africa’s great stories widely known.

Yvonne’s academic qualifications include a Master of Arts (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa), a Materials Development Certificate (Thames Valley University, United Kingdom), Bachelor of Arts Hons (Wits University, South Africa), a Bachelor of Arts in Education (Honours) (Wits University), Bachelor of Arts with distinction in Education (UNISA, South Africa), a Senior Secondary Teachers Diploma (Soweto College). She has recently obtained a Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education & Training Development Practices – NQF 4 (Maccauvlei Learning Academy).

Yvonne has served as a board member of various international and national boards, including: International Public Television; Basel Forum; Sithengi Board (International Film and TV Festival); Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences; Oscar Selection Committee; Chowac (Christ Haven of Workers Adult Literacy Centre) and Chief Examiner at the IEB. She is the Chair of the Board of the International Association of Human Values and is an Ambassador for United Way Worldwide.

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Infinite Grace

This book, is about Yvonne Kgame’s acceptance of possible death and her surrender to the Divine while simultaneously, taking full responsibility for her spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  Yvonne’s path towards healing the body, mind and soul is nothing short of miraculous. As her journey unfolds, a number of sacred encounters with various international and local medics, alternative healers, teachers, masters, gurus and pastors bring their love and light to carry her through the healing process. Master minded by none other than the Divine, the power and love in each of these sacred encounters leads Yvonne to an awesome experience of reawakening. She becomes conscious of God’s infinite grace that has been bestowed on her.

Yvonne Kgame‘s story will inspire you to believe in living with purpose and have faith in your magnificence. Infinite Grace is a story that will take you to the edge of your own cliff and bring you back, transformed and inspired to live your authentic life.  This book is an open invitation to delve deeper into yourself and find the light and grace within.

Nuggets of Hope

Time is the fourth dimension. It is real, and yet we regard it as mysterious. We prefer to leave it in the realm of the quantum physics.  But it is not only physics. It is life. Time is a day, a week, a month, and a year.  Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame extends her wisdom expressed in her deeply spiritual work on personal insight, the best-seller: Infinite Grace. She sees time in a year. She sees the year in twelve distinct months that develop the path of the spirit on its annual journey.  She collects thought for every day, from her own inner exploration to the wisdom of the world’s greatest thinkers.  Nuggets of Hope is a piece of gold for every day of the year. It is the start of the day, designed to last the full day. It follows the development of the inner spirit on its daily voyage through to the start of the next day.  It gives guidance that is congruent with the cycle of the year. It aligns to the numbers that count the minutes.

In Nuggets of Hope, Yvonne takes her remarkable personal journey and sees it as a continuity of milestones.  Where Infinite Grace portrayed her overview of the healing power of spirituality, Nuggets of Hope translates the wheel of life into a straight line journey of just a year, and each year.

Nuggets of Hope is the outer collection of Yvonne’s inner thoughts.

Nolitha … Only a Mother

Only a mother experiences an undeniable connection with her child. From the moment that her body is connected to the child, the souls connect in the physical world. From the meeting of the eyes to the first touch between mother and child – the connection is infinite, eternal and can never be denied.

Nolitha … Only a Mother is Yvonne Kgame’s third work of inspiration and a pathway into joyous living.

Naked… The Infinite Joy of Peeling back the Layers:  Unveiling the Mask – Drawing from the Insights of Inspired Souls

Naked… is about deep seated negative emotions that seem to continually linger.  They trigger tears and cause us to wear a mask to hide our pain.  Obstacles that block our path to greatness can be moved by processing hidden feelings.  We must find opportunities to remove our masks so we can travel light to our final destination by being open to change, willing to let go and to delve deeper, right to the core of the pain and suffering.   Naked… is Yvonne’s gift to assist people to delve deep inside themselves to find the reasons behind hiding behind masks.

“And so we have to heal our Africa within.  We have to re-discover the true Africa, the Africa of laughter, of joy, of originality, of improvisation, the Africa of legend, of story-telling, of  playfulness, the Africa of brilliant colours, the Africa of  generosity, of  hospitality and kindness to strangers, the Africa of immense compassion, the Africa of wisdom, of proverbs, of divination, of paradox, the Africa of ingenuity, and surprise, the Africa of a four-dimensional attitude to time, the Africa of magic, of faith, of patience, of endurance, of a profound knowledge of nature’s ways and the secret cycles of destiny.” – Ben Okri

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    Happy Christmas Tvonne. Thanks for another lolevy year of sharing your gorgeous creations and sorry I am so bad at commenting (i do love looking )Hope your Christmas is fun and festive and that 2013 brings love, laughter and many crafty times for you xx


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