As we look to the horizon, lets envision infinite possibilities for our future. Let’s gaze with new eyes and take TIME to be in GRATITUDE. Let’s us all pull out our canvas in unity and use our different colours to exude our inner GREATNESS. Let 2016 be the year of RADIANT light!!

Nelson MandelaIn the words of Nelson Mandela

“As we dream and work for the regeneration of our continent, we remain conscious that the African Renaissance can only succeed as part of the development of a new and equitable world order in which all the formally colonised and marginalised take their rightful place, makers of history rather than the possessions of others. As we stand on the threshold of a new African era characterised by democracy, sustainable economic development and a reawakening of our rich cultural values and heritage, African unity remains our watchword and the Organisation of African Unity our guide.” #RememberingMandela

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