Love, is a universal language, emotion and action that men, women and children can or have experienced in one way or another around the world. As human beings we possess different kinds of love, be it for different people in our lives, things and often even animals. This piece below is inspired by the experience of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love so sweet, compassionate and limitless like a mothers, it extends itself beyond pain, hurt, dislike, anger, jealousy, betrayal, physical presence, existence of life and the word Love itself. It knows forgiveness, trust and unity like two partners. It knows protection, care, compassion, support, compromise, to see beyond flaws and healing like relationships between children and their parents.It knows no resistance, has no restraint or second thought to giving. However much you give is never a burden felt but a pleasure because being able to put a part of yourself selflessly in someone life it makes it that much more meaningful.

Unconditional Love By a Mother

A mother's loveUnconditional love experienced by a mother towards her child begins from the first moment of acceptance that new life has made its presence in her conscience and physical body. In that moment alone a complete transition within her heart, body and mind takes place almost instantly along with various thoughts and emotions newly felt that are not quite the easiest to be relayed in words but only wholesomely understood when felt…that unexplainable feeling to say the least when taking in that first look on the first baby scan we are all so fortunate to take advantage of in our time for a woman cannot compare. An inner flowering burst of euphoria and fulfillment but personal experience takes place in this moment…this is where a mothers journey of indestructible unconditional love for her child first comes in to being.

Filled with protection, the instinct to nurture and be the sole source of support and influence for growth for this new little being she can so proudly and unconditionally say is part of her own makings. For a mother, these very moments can be comprehended as nothing more or less than magical.

A mother’s unconditional love is something we as human beings often forget to appreciate and see as very special for the mere fact that this love cannot be broken or hindered for any type of situation or obstacle she and her child may find themselves in…through times of hurt, extended anger and disappointment something about this love encourages a mother to want to extend herself to her children further and be a better version of herself when challenges arise.

This kind of love in a mother comes with an array of qualities, us as their children in our older age tend to oversee, misinterpret and very often take for granted and only gradually begin to understand and appreciate as we get older and go through similar experiences that taught her to feel and express the way she does towards us. Although unconditional, this love comes with its mistakes too. In times of mistakes that tend to bruise relationships between mother and child every so often as she experiences her greatest achievements(her children) grow older the love cannot exist without forgiveness…

The biggest aspect that I personally believe keeps unconditional love alive between mother and child in their journeys through life together (which mothers so amazingly have the natural ability to do with their children) is the ability to forgive, have love guide them in moving forward to continue learning from one another and the experiences shared, good or bad. Without forgiveness unconditional love cannot thrive… but with forgiveness and unconditional love put together in such a relationship, there is no other option but to GROW together.

She is your mother and you her child and she will always love you no matter the circumstances!

Unconditional Love between Partners

CoupleUnconditional love between partners is something that is built… It starts when two individuals’ man and woman (also more commonly in our time individuals of the same sex) develop a connection with one another. This does not always happen in the case of being soul mates but is something that is developed over time through experiences with one another and realizing each other in the time spent and experiences shared together.

In this case between partners, one can arguably agree that it is more of a complex situation when unconditional love is made a topic because some may say it all boils down to how much each individual in the relationship is actually willing to put up with over time and look passed.

Unconditional love between partners exists after developing a bond between each other so strong you can love the other beyond flaws, mistakes, distrust, personality frustrations and have the constant need and want to encourage the other to be a better person in life regardless of the heartache it may bring you, all the while maintaining your own self-love, identity and dignity. Loving your partner unconditionally should not bring you feelings of torture, anger, resentment, negative giving’s in return or jealousy. This aspect in particular is something not many of us can say we’ve achieved successfully.

The true giving of unconditional love for a partner finds itself as something tricky in our lives because when it involves giving that whole part of ourselves fearlessly and wholesomely away to someone…we also take in to thought that we have our limitations. Our fears of being hurt by a partner and trust being tainted because of lessons two people are faced with constantly testing their love and acceptance of one another as we all grow and change through our trials and tribulations in life which sometimes lean to the worst. Unlike the love between mother and child which is effortless and selfless. That I believe is when our unconditional love for a partner is truly tested…how far does your unconditional go?? Can he/she hurt, disappoint, wound your trust, and you wake up the next day choosing to fight either one harder with forgiveness and love but maintain your own piece of mind and individuality? Does your unconditional love know when is the right time to still love unconditionally and at the same time walk away?Does your unconditional know when it’s the right thing to do to put the pieces back together?

Particularly with women, being the emotional beings that we are and natural forgivers to people and situations we’ve invested ourselves into, we tend to confuse and not realize that we can still love our partner’s unconditionally and put ourselves first. In many cases men too’

I love you through it all, allow me to carry you even if you don’t need me to and we will fly together for always as one.

Unconditional Love between children and their parents

family togethernessUnconditional love from children to their parents is first experienced from that first moment of bondage that occurs between child and mother when a child is first born in to this world. That first moment of familiarity a child feels with their mother’s warmth and sound of her heart beat when first held close in their mother’s arms is combined with the feeling of protection. In this case our other senses such as eyes and smell play a role later in this new life, but it is here when a baby’s feeling and hearing play an important role to discern where he or she can place their comfort and recognize their giver of protection. The first moment of unconditional love expressed by a child is their reaction to protection given by their parent. From this moment on a baby’s’ physical and emotional expression of their unconditional love for their parents is developed and expressed in a variety of ways as the child gets older.

Our unconditional love towards our parents isn’t something that is so definitely expressed in words and actions towards them. It is more of an unspoken presence that is constantly there throughout our lives. It is known and expressed in our actions, the way we speak, the way we do things, in our trust towards our parents, in our unconscious willingness to take on the teachings our parents give to us each and every day and without thought apply them to our own lives, in our natural instinct to turn towards our care givers in times of confusion or hardships in our lives.

Our unconditional love is expressed to them in times our relationships with them are strained and us naturally as their children unlike with a friend become open to reconciling because regardless of what ever is happening in life, there is no peace within ourselves when our relationships with our parents are in uneasy positions, and this is also something that may not be so perceptible to our parents.

Lastly, our need to want to take care of our parents in their old age, it is like a swop of roles takes place between parents and children. In this instance, the type of unconditional love our parents have given to us our whole lives becomes the type we give to our parents and them falling more in to the role we found ourselves in while growing up. This is the time when our parents need to be taken care of and protected by us in the same way they did for us. In this time they find themselves back in the vulnerable positions they were in before they became our care givers. The reversal of these roles does not always happen easily and comes with its difficulties too.

In your love I am safe and content. Allow me, your child, to let you feel that way again!

Yvonne  Busiswe Kgame

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