prayWhy is prayer one of the things many of us find so hard to do?  It is the first step in changing the direction of our lives and is the most powerful way of achieving this change?

When we pray we turn to our personal higher spirit regardless of which god or universe we believe in.  When we pray, we are always positive. When we pray, we take the first step in the right direction and change our current mind set so that we can allow our higher beings to assist us in overcoming experiences in our lives, opening our minds to things we can be grateful for and achieving greater things than we’ve ever imagined.

Prayer is a great way to show our appreciation for everything that our personal god or universe has made possible in our lives.  It also shifts our attention away from the negative things that bring our spirits down. This helps us to show more gratitude.  When we do this it moves us into a more positive realm and makes us see that our lives are not as negative as we think.

When we pray, we don’t only have to be grateful for the bigger things in life, but also to the things we take for granted:  a roof over our heads, the presence of special people we share our lives with.   We have to be thankful on a daily basis for all the little things in our hearts because without these simple little things, the larger things would seem insurmountable.

When we pray we show our faith!  The strength of prayer and faith ignite and we are able to see ourselves overcoming any and all obstacles.  Our prayer and faith can make anything possible. The energy we radiate during prayer can contribute to the healing of ourselves or another person.  By turning to prayer we show that we already have faith in our hope for a better life.

We don’t only pray to change situations in our lives, we also pray to develop or enhance our relationship with the higher power that we believe in.  When we pray we take time out to be in peace with our thoughts and make the best of our stillness within.  With prayer we gain clarity and peace without the input of others which in turn is a very powerful tool to deal with ourselves.

Some may say prayer is a form of meditation; others perceive it as developing a relationship with God or as a way of changing personal energies however prayer is also a form of affirmation.   When we engage in prayer, we tap into our inner selves and develop our faith and personal growth.  We are not dictated to or influenced by anyone.  We just have to give ourselves time, peace and open up our spirit to allow miracles in.  I gives us strength and peace of mind.

Close your eyes every day and pray. Now open eyes and see the beautiful wonders our dear Lord has brought forth and thank him.

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