It’s okay to grow…so often we find ourselves in positions of being apologetic for our own personal growth and progress because we may perceive that people around us are somewhat uncomfortable with our change. Change is inevitable! Growth is inevitable and we can never move backwards as we go about our lives and experiences. Even when it feels like we may be experiencing a stagnant period WE ARE STILL MOVING FORWARD. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Our growth and change is what ignites the very light that beams inside us! Through our growth and change we equip ourselves to teach and guide others who walk beside us in our journeys, much like we learn from them.

During our growth people will fall away from our lives and we will also gain others. If we stop and think for a second and consider the people we have present in our lives at this moment, we will realize that each person has some type of role that they play towards our ever changing selves. Just by realizing this we can already learn something new about ourselves and change ourselves where necessary. Appreciate them!

Each person has some type of lesson in store to contribute to our growth. Some of these people will make our lives uncomfortable at times and others may make it a pleasant thing to be living, this brings the balance. It is why it is always important during whatever time we are going through to make an effort to acknowledge both. God will only make our lives uncomfortable when he believes that we have reached a time to grow and step out of our comfort zones and move towards the greener postures. Without this discomfort we will not be in a position to notice and acknowledge the good that is in store for us!

So let us never allow ourselves to be apologetic for our growth! Let us embrace it, make the best out of it and even when it may seem at times that it isn’t in our favour be patient and open your mind to the great that may be the result of that discomfort. Let go, let God, embrace your change and allow for the new to flow in to your life and rejuvenate.  There is always something positive and rewarding we will find in it!

I live, I learn, I grow and Let Go. I’m revitalized!

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