After extended periods of strain or just the simple feeling of a chapter coming to an end, much like the feeling of a long year that’s consisted of hardships, triumph, loss, gain, confusion and during this time we find ourselves having to use our energy to adjust to change. This experience takes its toll on our minds, spirits and our bodies.

When it feels like these experiences are moving us into a new realm, this is when we need to especially take time to ourselves to rejuvenate and revitalize our spirits and minds in preparation for the next part of our lives.  We need to Breathe New Life in to ourselves, new thoughts, new views, new goals that will push us to the next limit of greater experiences and new clarity. We need to drive ourselves out of our comfort zones and negative mind sets that keep us back and approach things with clean eyes.

In this time, we need to provide ourselves with space and peaceful surroundings to meditate. It is useful spend time absorbing the sunlight, praying to our God, reflecting and opening ourselves up to new uplifting energy. In this we will tackle our new beginnings with ease and the certainty that all will always be well and turn out for the better, our own better.

Breathe New Life in to your soul and let go of the chains. You may not even realize until this very moment that these chains you hold onto so dearly, have been hindering your progress. Yes, no matter what, whether we like it or not, life is always moving forward, but there is a difference between constantly moving forward, because life doesn’t give us the option not to and the actual conscious feeling of moving forward that gives us power and encouragement to take on new understandings. When we consciously realize this feeling we need to make ourselves aware that something has happened in our lives and we have risen above!

We need to appreciate our lessons constantly that we have learned in the past in order to make our experiences to come fresh and unique to the last ones. Not to repeat the same mistakes and end up in a never ending circle of the same experience. This is when we free ourselves from our mistakes! When we free ourselves from our mistakes we learn to forgive ourselves too in the process. It all ties in to us Breathing New Life!

Breathing New Life in to ourselves also means that we are prepared to accept the things that we cannot change and then take the responsibly in our lives to change the things we can and make room for the new. We cannot control other people or our surroundings. So just let go of it all and let your life be your focus… We all have the ability to pick and choose what and who we let in to our lives… it all just depends on who we are willing to disappoint or please… Live gracefully and make sure that you are always your top priority in all decisions that will touch your life…

Take charge and awaken all the power you possess within and Breakthrough!

Start a Fresh!
Live life with intention of Greatness
and enjoy all that will seem like it’s
been effortlessly placed in to your lap!

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