Every individual has their own way of dealing with pain, stress, bad energy and resentment. Each of these negative feelings weakens our spirit and our will to move smoothly towards more positive things.  We get stuck in negativity which leads to depression and eventually causes us to get physically ill.

We all go through pressures on a daily basis coupled with added stress thus we need to develop effective and long lasting ways of healing ourselves from within.  In doing so, we avoid having to deal with any physical ills.

Our frustrations, aches and anger take a toll on us emotionally which results in us not being able to clearly perceive situations for what they truly are.  We wallow in them and allow them to take over.  The words below are words of advice from Ajan Chah that can be very helpful in teaching us to let go of problems before they become serious problems.

Let go of frustrations in your life!

  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Change your perception
  3. Face it and cry it out
  4. Channel your discontent into an immediate positive action
  5. Use meditation or yoga to bring yourself into the present moment
  6. Make a list of accomplishments – even the small ones – add to it daily
  7. Visualise a box in your head labelled “Expectations”
  8. Engage in physical activity and exercise your body
  9. Focus all your energy on something you can control
  10. Express your feelings through a creative outlet like blogging or painting

These are all effective ways of helping us let go of frustrations and help us to see all the positives that exist.  When we feel good about ourselves, our intimate conversations with ourselves are positive and not negative.

We need to bear in mind that for every emotional issue we may experience, there is an equal physical outlet for it. We need to focus on our emotions regularly because when we understand our emotions we are able to replace them with facts and engage ourselves through meditation, prayer, affirmations, breathing and taking time out to just be.  We need to be still and reflect on what we perceive our own surroundings to be without distractions.

Once we have evaluated our situation and understand what type of conversation we have been having with ourselves then we can adjust where necessary.  In mastering all of this, we will have no problems being present and thus see the power and benefits that come from healing ourselves from within.

You have the power to heal yourself.
Be aware of what is causing your unease and change it!

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