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How does one prepare to face death?

This book, is about Yvonne Kgame’s acceptance of possible death and her surrender to the Divine while simultaneously, taking full responsibility for her spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Yvonne’s path towards healing the body, mind and soul is nothing short of miraculous. As her journey unfolds, a number of sacred encounters with various international and local medics, alternative healers, teachers, masters, gurus and pastors bring their love and light to carry her through the healing process. Master minded by none other than the Divine, the power and love in each of these sacred encounters leads Yvonne to an awesome experience of reawakening. She becomes conscious of God’s infinite grace that has been bestowed on her.

Yvonne Kgame‘s story will inspire you to believe in living with purpose and have faith in your magnificence. Infinite Grace is a story that will take you to the edge of your own cliff and bring you back, transformed and inspired to live your authentic life.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • Part 1:  Awakening my Soul details Yvonne’s experience as she faced death.
  • Part 2:  Essence of Belonging explores her family roots, relationships and the loving lessons learnt throughout her childhood and adult life.
  • Part 3:  Sacred Encounters relates several points where Yvonne intersected with earth angels and the guidance they gave her on her path to purpose and healing.
  • Part 4:  Grace, Gratitude and Service is a culmination of Yvonne’s learnings. She relates what she has learned to the Divine, care of the self and service to others.

This book is an open invitation to delve deeper into yourself and find the light and grace within.


“Infinite Grace is an extraordinary personal story/autobiography about Yvonne Kgame, a story about her search for meaning and clarity of purpose…. This search is called the human search and even though it may seem very personal to each of us, we, through Infinite Grace, come to see that it is universal and part of a common human experience.

The book is about the significant events that occurred in Yvonne’s life, starting on the day she experiences a double stroke and drives herself to the hospital…. The story continues into her search for healing – of body, mind, spirit, and the synchronous path that opens up opportunities to undergo healing through her engagement with various teachers, gurus, pastors, friends, and family.

The book is an honest account of the sacrifices she made and the impact on her relationships with her immediate family, how her health suffered , her self esteem as a person and how she dealt with the emptiness and the, ‘I am not good enough,’ aspect of herself.

Yvonne’s story is a story that could be about anyone of us.”

Gloria Britain

At first impression, Infinite Grace is a book about Yvonne Kgame as a person. It might be mistakenly read as a story about her particular life journey…. But ‘Infinite Grace’ is much more than a personal story…. It is an alive, in action testimony for our human search. A search for personal growth in order to break free from our own imposed limitations. A search in which we aspire to become more than the way we have been molded and shaped by society at large. This is a search for a humane meaning for our temporarily, ever-changing and death-facing existence. This is a search for the raising of the level of our Human Consciousness, not just for a particular individual, but rather for the collective at large.

Dr Baruch Banai, Insight Training Center

The work Yvonne has done is astounding and will definitely inspire others to action when in such a situation.

Dr SR Pillay, surgeon, WITS Donald Gordon Medical Centre

Infinite Grace opened my eyes to considering new ways of healing. It has taught me how wide the world of alternative healing is and that it may be one of the best ways of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Philia Kaya, Family Friend

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