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God blesses all of us long before birth, this is expressed clearly in the scripture, “I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb.” – Jeremiah 1:5

What is in a name? How many of us find meaning in our names or even reflect upon what our names mean in one’s own language and faith. What is the story behind a name, does it matter?

Busisiwe means blessed and it refers to Yvonne Kgame’s birth name Busisiwe. Busisiwe reminds us that we are in fact on a journey that requires us to consistently look deep within to find the roadmap to our destination. It reassures us that we are all on the same journey but travelling on separate paths – and that we are all beautiful, blessed souls created to embrace, enjoy and fully celebrate life!

“The same measure of love, tolerance and grace we award ourselves must be used on others. This must be in balance and in good measure. We often try to save everyone from everything but we forget to get under the right cover for our own safety. Never leave yourself irresponsibly exposed and vulnerable unnecessarily. Fight a good fight. Fight your own battles. That’s the only way we can help others, when we have conquered our Goliaths.” – Busisiwe

Looking back at her life and turning 56 years on the 12th February 2016, Yvonne Kgame understands and celebrates the grace that she has been given to share her story with others, to inspire them to live a healthy, productive and fulfilling life!


SiBusisiwe poetry booklet

SIBUSISIWE (Poetry Booklet – included)

Poetry has the power to force us to imagine, smell, and feel. It sharpens our focus and allows us to go into spaces we don’t often go to. It forces us to think and dig deep within.

For most people a poem is just a song in one’s soul, for some it is an expression of the innermost thoughts. Some have defined it as one of the most profound forms of expression.

Sometimes it does not take a lot of words and hidden meaning to get wisdom out of a poem. Perhaps this is the strength of poetry; its ability to speak to us simply and in a language that is easy to access and understand.

This collection of poems is refreshing and very positive. It is a celebration of life. All the poems have the same theme of rejuvenation and restoration. They blend well into each other, taking the reader through a journey of positive thinking. This booklet is so energising, after reading it you feel like getting up and smelling the flowers!

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    Hey mam Chirwa I am so proud to tell my colleagues that you are my ex teacher stay blessed you still look so beautiful viva Kagiso senior viva I still love you to date thank God for your life today Im a better person thanks to you


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