Relationships, the very things in our lives from the moment we learn to communicate with one another that mould us in to the beings we are. They build our foundations in life and influence the judgments and decisions we make in our everyday lives. They play a role in our painful past and also contribute greatly to the treasurable moments we hold close to our hearts.

The very first relationships we develop in our time on earth with our families are the ones that are deemed most important. They are the ones that teach us how to love, overcome defeat and nurture the very relationships that we carry in to our adult life. In many cases, these relationships later in life with our own families are the ones that find themselves most challenging as we grow into our own identities and try fitting ourselves into the society we grow up in and keep with the change in times. These changes tend to have a negative impact on the relationships we have with our families, in these times this is where the role of unconditional love in life. Here we accept one another and love one another regardless of the good or bad changes brought on by different relationships existing outside of our families.These experiences alone teach us how to overcome the very situations later in our own built families, deeming these relationships very vital for our wellbeing later in life.

Be it with our family or friends, our experiences in our relationships between ourselves and others are what make our regrets, they develop our ability to trust, teach us over and over how to forgive, how to let go, influence how we grow and give us the encouragement to change as we progress in our lives. The experiences we go through in our relationships have the power to make us blossom and prosper in our undertakings through life yet also have the power to tear everything apart.

Without the anger, frustration, betrayal and bad experiences we go through in our relationships there would be no room for us inwardly and outwardly to grow. Through relationships is where we learn so much about ourselves, our limitations and our uniqueness. In this process we gain amazing additions of people into our lives but we also lose some which can be painful experiences to go through or even up lifting ones which later we find only build our strength and make room for the future people meant to serve their God given purpose in our lives. These very people we develop relationships with who come and go turn out to be the very lessons we need to learn to help us heal and progress to our future journeys and teachings as we get older and are faced with new challenges.

The relationships we build with different people are sometimes trying, inspiring, heart breaking, healing and sometimes just there for us to get through certain stages in our lives that we may not have been able to get through without them there.

tree-rootsRelationships are something that can be viewed as a big strong tree. We have our roots, our branches and our colourful leaves. Some people in our lives are strong, sturdy, fixed, nurturing and immovable.  Like a tree that doesn’t have many roots, so is the case with certain people in our lives, there aren’t many that bring these qualities that the roots bring to a tree. They will always be there like those roots of that tree keeping that tree alive and without, the tree cannot live. Such relationships in life are the ones to be kept and nurtured as without them our lives may not find themselves so easy to go on.

We then find ourselves in relationships in life with people that can be compared to the branches of that tree. They make us think that they’re strong, dependable and forever lasting but when the storm comes in, they break and leave us in situations that force us to turn back to our roots and heal ourselves again. These relationships in particular are the ones in our lives that give us our greatest learning’s, from these we learn to discern as our lives progress between the new roots developing in our ground and the flimsy branches in time we learn to be aware of.

Lastly, we have our colourful leaves, our leaves are the relationships we come across that pass with our seasons. People who are around to just give us shade like many people we encounter in our lives in different settings and situations. These very people never stay long and are not to be confused for people who resemble our branches and roots. These are people who we have to let go… because they never stay long. We need to always know that letting these kinds of people go is okay… letting our branches go can sometimes be painful and disappointing too but if someone wants to walk out of your life…LET THEM GO. As we still have so much we as individuals need to still encounter, letting our branches go gives us room for new wonderful relationships make their presence in our lives and new situations and people to learn from…

If you feel someone wants to walk out of your life…

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