What is it about us…women… that this higher power around us has chosen us and blessed us so abundantly with strength, purity, exclusive ability, the power to reproduce, nurture, heal, grow in to something beautiful, inspire through vision or action and expand with light?

What is it about us?

Like a green tree, a growing sprout, a leaf or the green grass that we walk over. Women represent GREEN LOVE. The green would not exist without its love and need to give itself to its surroundings, and yet still become more amazing when it is able to take in pieces of its surroundings. While being nurtured it miraculously nurtures others. It’s pure, it needs light, it heals itself, it grows with time, it survives and comes back to life after tough seasons, its green is appealing to those who approach it and the green provides health and nourishment. Women need to take care of their green. Each and every woman has her own special shade of green… we’re beautiful…

Of course, in reality, we are faced with challenges that change the appearance of our green and we lose our strength and colour at times, but what is so special about us is with the correct care, we can get it all back and become greener and brighter again. Qualities we need to, with time, instill in those around us.

When going through our challenges…what is it that we lose? We lose our femininity; we lose our beauty that makes our lives and our green worth living and having…that powerful charm of a flower with a strong stem that can withhold and condition and still remain true to it-self. The soft paddles that retain their beauty and don’t mind being vulnerable because it knows the beauty of being accessible, caring, giving and still be dignified…

Like a flower or a tree when bruised or hurt it will never change, and when healing or repairing it still stays true to itself and will never change! Let us stay true to our special green that God has so gracefully given to us…

How do we reclaim back what we have lost and guide those around us in our journeys to hold on and never lose what is most dear to them? We need to remember that being nurtures is our birth right; to never forget that it is our place to take care of our men and children and be the very ones to lead them in to staying grounded and certain of their visions. We are the foot soldiers to their development and in charge of helping secure their future. We need to try our utmost best to stay aware to the fact that we hold the power of keeping our families, communities and each other together.

As sisters we need to allow ourselves (like the wise women around us) to get to a point of having no patience for certain things and approach most things with certainty and confidence. We do this, not because we want to come across as arrogant, but because we want to be completely apart of unity with one another and get to a place where we will not waste any more of our precious time on this earth with things that displease us, hurts us, tarnish our images of ourselves and take away from our green.

We need to be firm and not tolerate cynicism, excessive criticism from ourselves or those around us. Let us not succumb to negative demands of any nature. Let us learn to not please those who don’t like us, to love those who don’t love us and be strong enough to smile at those who don’t smile with us. Let us pass these teachings on to our children and make them strong for a world we have no idea of what its future holds.

Let us not coexist anymore with pretence, hypocrisy, dishonesty and pointless praise to those who have no use for it. Let us uplift each other and our loved ones and not tear them down because we’ve been hurt 1 too many times. Let us accept that some people are hurt more than others and approach them with understanding, the gift of time and the teachings of our own experiences.

Let us teach our young girls to no longer adjust themselves to popular gossiping but adjust themselves to the love that is constantly displayed around them, within their families and out of their families, that is so easily over-shadowed by negativity we have to deal with everyday amongst each other.

Let us build up our men again! Let us allow them to be the providers they are meant to be, let us come together with them and teach our children how to forgive, how they are meant to be one day treated by the next person and how to pick up their own pieces and revive their green should they ever experience it fading…

Let us move away from the conflict and comparisons we have with our men and our peers and most of all within ourselves… Let us not create an environment where we promote the rigid and not so flexible personalities. Can we please create relationships in our lives that will not succumb to betrayal and hurt?

Let us give compliments out freely, love unconditionally and provide encouragement without expecting anything back, this is also how we clean up our karma!

Green love

Love… a Woman

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