The sun sets with your smile… but your star stands tall, high above in the sky – your smile has not diminished. Your soul may have left the body… but your spirit has soared on and lit up the sky – your love has not died. Your lips may be sealed forever… but your words, your teachings are stuck in our hearts, protected in the shelves of our minds forever – your voice is not lost.

Up Down Sideways your angels sought you to take you home to your loving father – they could not find you, because you were held in prayers, wishes and hearts of those who love you so dearly. And so today as we let you go back to your Father we stand in awe of your love, so deep so strong so fierce – we feel it still… it feels deeper, sweeter and lovelier.

The Moon will rise tonight in your absence… but your goodness will make us feel like you are still present. Courageous, Humble, Humorous and Brave… we shall sing your song as you lay down your old body receiving the new kind of being as your spirit mounts new heights.

The sun may set… but your wisdom and bravery will remain forever a standing monument – embedded in the minds and hearts of everyone who picks up the Cross of Gold, and find out how Fiki learned to like other people, a story we are compelled to say Let it be told. These are journeys of courageous women like yourself, wise and loving mothers, teachers to all.

We stand here today to proclaim that these women you have just joined gave us all a voice so distinct we can never turn back to silence. These women, now including yourself shook off the shackles of bondage, stood against powers of darkness… and they didn’t die.


Phumula ngoxolo Mam’ Lauretta Ngcobo
Novelist, Feminist writer and Activist
Author of: Cross of Gold, And they didn’t die
Editor of: Let it be told, And Fikile learns to like other people.

Words by: Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame

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