When you die, you will be asked two questions:  How much love have you given?  How much knowledge have you acquired?  Whatever you have not given or loved, you will come back to do.

Keep doing your work and keep renouncing. When you do an action as an expression of joy – it does not bind you, But when you do an action and expect joy – it binds you. Do your action 100%, but don’t be feverish about it.  Sri Sri Ravi Shanker

shining starThus our sons and daughters, greatness is not a single act, but a way of being that nourishes the self, others and the community.  It is intrinsic to every human being, arising from the unique expression of innate qualities such as love, peace and wisdom.  There is power in living each day, each hour and each minute in grace and gratitude and in counting our blessings for what we already have.

These qualities are the seeds of human greatness, and its true expression is human greatness itself.  In a time when we all know how much the world needs to change, heal and to be inspired thus finding the courage to tap into our greatness is perhaps the call of the moment.

I am availing myself as an image and voice of hope who is living to tell the tale of how I miraculously healed from a double stroke and an inoperable brain tumour.  This happened in June 2007 – and now 5 years later, I am alive with great faith and hope and celebrating new life which was given back to me.

Green EarthI would also like to share with you that any nation’s wealth, strength, and zest for life comes from health and care for the environment.  I know that as leaders, teachers and parents we need to teach, inspire and enable our children to master this art.  Be aware and understand that you are the master of your own destiny.  So, Imagine a Magnificent Africa – It Begins with YOU.  Our role is to empower each other to unleash our genius and wisdom and for us to understand the power of knowledge.  We are all unique and it is important for us to know that “judging oneself to be inferior to other people is one of the worst acts of pride because it is the most destructive way of being different.”

Key topics of global concern that need to be addressed from religious and spiritual perspectives are:

  • Healing the Earth with Care and Concern
  • Reconciling with Indigenous Peoples
  • Overcoming Poverty in a Patriarchal World
  • Securing Food and Water for all People

  • Building Peace in the Pursuit of Justice
  • Creating Social Cohesion in Village and City
  • Sharing Wisdom in the Search for Inner Peace

Most importantly we can learn from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s wisdom that when you follow knowledge, fun follows you.

soccerTaking the time to involve yourselves with sport is another way in which you can unleash your own unique genius.  Sport forms part of human and social development and it not only contributes to social cohesion and integration but is also an effective channel for physical and socio-economic development.  As a universal language, sport can be a powerful medium for social and economic change; it can be used to bridge cultural gaps, resolve conflict and educate people in ways that very few activities can.  All in all, sport can be a powerful agent of change.

Dance is defined as movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music,used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting. Yes, that’s true but it is also FUN and a perfect way to inculcate values such as:

  1. Responsibility, patience, respect, trust, independence and creativity
  2. Self-confidence, self-control and personal growth
  3. Builds character and improves citizenship through group development
  4. Strengthens moral development through mentoring and discipline
  5. Develops courtesy
  6. Trains and improves leadership ability with gradually increased endurance
  7. Strengthens commitment through the integration of responsibilities
  8. Improves sportsmanship

danceAlong with dance, there has to be music and throughout history the unspoken but highly evocative language of music has exerted powerful influences on individuals and societies alike. Music has the power to express, convey and illicit powerful emotions is without question and we know that in ages past music was not considered merely an entertainment but rather was associated, in fact, interlocked with religious and philosophical beliefs, thus related to the study of values. Paul Hindemith, a German composer and violinist’s insightful words seem appropriate for contemplation. “This life in and with music, being essentially a victory of external forces and a final allegiance to spiritual sovereignty, can only be a life of humility, of giving of one’s best to one’s fellow man. This gift will not be like alms passed on to the beggar; it will be the sharing of a man’s every possession with his friend.”

You are your own instrument for success, which means that anything you put your mind to, you can achieve as long as you dedicate yourself fully.  Potential is unlimited – it’s up to you how much you convert it into your greatness.  Embrace unconditional love for yourself and for others regardless.

In the same way, you are also your own teacher.  You are not only responsible for your greatness but you are also the only one who is able to create it.  Draw deeply from these words of an enlightened master:

Life is sacred. Celebrate life. Care for others and share whatever you have with those less fortunate than you. Broaden your vision for the whole world belongs to you.  Sri Sri Ravi Shanker

Our gift to you today is the vision of love and zest for life, that only you can make happen

Live Wisely
Love Yourself and Others Deeply
Serve Well

As I engage in this conversation with you and extend an invitation to you to have an open dialogue with me and delve deeper into the deep-seated questions about how to lift the mask, say what needs to be said, express your pain, needs, botherations, disappointments but most importantly share your dreams.

Commit yourself to a Call for Human Greatness and answer the following:

  1. What gives young souls life?  At this time in the world there are many forces at work – some vibrant and life giving and some negative and depleting.  Reflect for a moment on what you  believe are ideas, commitments and values to bring the best possible future to all?
  2. Describe for yourself the ideal world that begins today and will continue beyond our lifetimes.
  3. What is the one thing that you can do starting tomorrow morning to move yourself and others in the direction of a world that is peaceful, healthy, wealthy, joyful, free, extraordinarily present and fully aware of where we come from, where we are and most importantly where we are going?

Always remember that you are an Ambassador of Ubuntu – I am because you are.  You are because, we are.  You cannot be unless I am and I cannot be unless you are.

Be a light in the world, a beacon of wisdom in an uncertain place, a missionary for change and love where you go ~ Robin Sharma
Life is music, we are music, listen… find your song and play in harmony ~ Unknown

You are worthy no matter what you’ve done or not done.  Love and Light to you all.  Remember the right mental attitude enables you to be positive and will help you to see a blessing in every crisis.

Youth are not useless, they are used less.  Youth are not careless, they are cared less… ~ Swami Chinmayananda

Words: Yvonne Kgame

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