lion leader

Authentic Leadership: Taking the Lead

"When you can truly understand how others experience your behavior, without defending or judging, you then have the ability to produce a breakthrough ...
Nelson Mandela

Madiba Lives

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for being afforded the honourable opportunity to draw infinite wisdom from Africa’s greatest Teacher, Thinker, Stalwart and a Beacon of Light, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela...

Call of Time Retreat

Now I spin the wheel of time. Now I design with the Unlimited. Now I sit as a child and master. I landed on sacred vistas and was lovingly receiv...
Warona's Christening

Storytelling with Gogo

The children of Africa learn from stories. It is these stories that shape our minds, our bodies and nourish our souls. Traditionally, the elders and t...
laptop & cactus

Women in IT Network Session

The Power within women to rise above and succeed against any extremities we face. This is the call of the time but why? Women can be their own liberators from bondage and use the power within to empower themselves, other women, youth, children and disabled people.
Yvonne Kgame - Infinite Grace

Inspiring Greatness

If we do not have a cause GREATER than our immediate needs, we are likely to become challenged when rising beyond ourselves, so let us all be grateful we all live today because we have a cause and a Master plan ...