Happy Birthday to our special Guru

Happy Birthday to our special Guru – 13th May
Hope your candles stay lit all year long

If only I could catch a rainbow, I would keep it in a bottle just for you. For you are kind and ever sharing, I know the whole world would receive a share of it just from you. Because you so closely resemble its beauty.

If I could only build you a mountain, one you could call your very own. For the days you’re feeling blue and you need to be alone, to once again regain your serenity.

I believe in Angels, the helpers who are near whenever you need them. The sort heaven might send, so my prayers have always been. But now I have got you around, the angel I am proud to call my friend, I could never have prayed for anyone better.

God Knew what he was doing when he sent a gentle breeze and brought you, a beautiful butterfly, filled with infinite light and wisdom, to my heart at ease.

The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in a special way. So now I feel assured, you are the shining light from above, oh Ravi Shankar. The one keeping my ship secured on the shore, just like a sturdy anchor.

So with the air you will use to blow out your candles, may the whole world come to experience your fine breeze. “Let it be and so be it!”

Living every moment in Life with contentment brings you freedom.

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