Time is the fourth dimension. It is real, and yet we regard it as mysterious. We prefer to leave it in the realm of the quantum physics.

But it is not only physics. It is life. Time is a day, a week, a month, and a year.

Time is not static.  Before we know it, the years have flown by.  The questions that linger are heartfelt, mind boggling and trigger tears.  This is a great opportunity for us to offload so we can travel light to our final destination by being open to change, willing to let go and to delve deeper right to the core of the pain and suffering.

Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett say the following:   

The truth is we are constantly waging war within ourselves, against ourselves.  We have so much anger, judgement, shame, blame, self-loathing and hostility against our own selves, against life, against even our loved ones that until this consciousness is cleared from our cells there will always be wars in our external world.  We have wages ceaseless battles, closing our hearts to those who needed our help, cutting those we are about down to size with cruel judgement and criticism, steeling ourselves against life and turning our back on the truth when we got scared.  Though we may not have had real guns, all of us have fired invisible bullets that have internal scars, some of which seem never to goa way.  I told everyone that for true change to happen in our works, it would first have to start within each of us.  Our shift in consciousness would be a living transmission of a new wholeness-consciousness capable of catalyzing a shift in awareness in the whole world;  but for that transformation to take place it would have to come first from ourselves.

Miriam Subirana says that “Guilt leads us to…

  • Being incapable of maintaining positive thoughts
  • Being worried about the opinion of others
  • Having feelings of profound sadness
  • The loss of hope
  • Paranoia:  when you think that others always have a negative vision of you
  • We are afraid of:

–      Dying
–      Getting ill
–      The unknown
–      Loneliness
–      Other people
–      Authority
–      Being rejected
–      Being hurt

–      Failure
–      Change
–      The future
–      Being
–      Being free
–      Thinking and being in a different way
–      Losing control
–      Dreaming and making our dreams real

Expired Contracts to Delete

  • Holding on to things that block our journey
  • Pain and suffering
  • Negative people
  • Addictions of every kind:  substances, emotions, food, negative spaces with toxic karma
  • Looking for solutions outside yourself
  • Finding every moment to blame other people
  • Feeling sorry for ourselves
  • Blaming parents, siblings, spouses, children

  • Searching for quick fixes
  • Clinging to the past
  • Operating for the future
  • Being scared of our own unique power
  • Materialism
  • Guilt trip
  • Soft options
  • Stepping forward and doing what our imagination show us we can do
  • Knocking down our own self-esteem with our internal thoughts

Opening new Doors
Signing an Infinite Grace Contract

What you feel for another person, be it love or hate, means that there is a connection between you.  The deeper meaning must be sought in order for you to realise who you are and to speak your authentic truth.  The power to choose is yours in order to understand your purpose.  It is imperative that you live your truth NOW.

Let us take the S: drive together to our unique DNA

  • Surrender to your Creator
  • Salute your achievements
  • Savour the moment
  • Sense the wonder in now
  • Sing your song
  • Service is key
  • Sound your strength
  • Shape up for the marathon of life

  • Strengthen your resources
  • Stand up and be counted
  • Satisfy your thirst for life
  • Seal your divine contract
  • Share your wisdom
  • Stop and listen:  Smell the roses
  • Soothe your inner self daily
  • Sparkle and shine your light

  • Steer yourself in the right direction
  • Spray your genius generously
  • Stretch your hand first
  • Strip away the small stuff
  • Strokes of grace in everything you do
  • Sway through life with joy
  • Spoil your spirit with love
  • Switch to the truth

Nolitha’s:  12


Deep inside us all is a huge radiant potential, a power of life that can create miracles, a creative genius that can answer our deepest questions and inspire solutions to our most pressing difficulties, a love that is capable of healing all things, a peace that defies all boundaries of separation.  When we are born it is as if life gives each of us an invisible passport inscribed with the words, “You are brilliant, gifted, full of grace.  You are here to be part of the astonishing co-creative dance of manifestation.  You deserve to live freely, fully, consciously in abundance, and you are invited to serve and nourish life, as part of life.  You have so much to offer, you are more than qualified for the job, and life is hiring”. Consciousness:  The New Currency – Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett

Love, Light and Laughter.  It is Done.  Let it Be and So Be it.

Words: Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame

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    I was possessed with demons it caused me to have HIV and cancer I stated to have mental illness they take me to the doctor it have inject me with resperidone injection and it causes me to suffer from sleep problem in 2014 till now in 2017


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