The first sound we ever heard while still in our mother’s womb, was the beating of her heart, and the rhythm of her breath. No matter our race, gender, age, religion or belief system, this common experience exists for all human beings… And perhaps it is this reason that for centuries drumming has been a central part of indigenous cultures worldwide. Drumming has been commonplace at wedding ceremonies, births, deaths, harvests and rites of passage. It is used by people to connect to the earth and to one another. As a universal, vibrational language, the drumbeat communes with the earth and all her creatures.

It is no wonder then, that Drumming Therapy utilises the natural power of rhythm and music and applies it to an individual or group for the purpose of healing.

drummingA truly holistic healing approach, drumming assists in breaking down social barriers, promotes freedom of expression, non-verbal communication, unity and cooperation. Drumming awakens dormant emotions and unexplainable feelings of excitement, peace, and ecstasy. It decreases depression, anxiety, and stress, boosts immune system functioning and benefits physical health.

Drumming is now being used successfully in programs that aim to aid and improve the human spirit and body. Medical researchers now testify to the stress reducing effects of this ancient art. According to current medical research, stress either causes or exacerbates 98% of all disease. Studies indicate that drumming for brief periods can actually change a person’s brainwave patterns, dramatically reducing stress.

Therapeutic drumming has been known to be effective amongst children and adults with physical, social, mental & emotional difficulties including street children, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) patients, the mentally handicapped, children and teens in juvenile institutions, Alzheimer’s patients, autistic children as well as large corporations that would like to rejuvenate employees.

The drum is an easily accessible tool for reconnecting with our deeper selves. Our hands connect with a drum that vibrates with our energy and vitality. In turn this calms us, centers us, and reconnects us with ourselves as well as with the world around us.

Benefits of drumming in a therapeutic context:

  • Everyone can beat on a drum (requires no skill) and this gives participants a great sense of competence, which in turn enhances self-esteem.
  • Participants experience a great sense of belonging.
  • Drumming enables the participant to disengage from mental activity. Drumming brings participants into the present moment, which is a relief from mental stress. It can be equated to a form of meditation.
  • Drumming frees up trapped creative energy and leaves participants with a sense of freedom, joy and an appreciation of life.
  • Drumming can be used as a constructive way to release aggression and transform destructive urges into creativity.

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  1. Sarah

    Wow this is great! I just got done looking at your video on You Tube. Playing piano looks easy I may have to get one! I will be vtonig for you in the Pepsi Refresh Project. I will also let other know about this.Gretchen

  2. Prudence

    Absolutely love your list. My favorite is “His hand in mine”. I’m loving: Quiet moments with my heavenly Father, reading through the chcioolngoral daily bible (love it!), taking my teenage son back and forth to school and other activities and listening to hymns on cd (the instrumental only).


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