Deep seated negative emotions that seem to continually linger are heartfelt, mind boggling, they trigger tears and cause us to wear a mask to hide our pain.  Obstacles that block our path to greatness can be moved by processing hidden feelings.  We must find opportunities to remove our masks so we can travel light to our final destination by being open to change, willing to let go and to delve deeper, right to the core of the pain and suffering.

MaskI was an expert at wearing masks.  I mastered this art over years and years of hiding from my own truth and burying my unique gifts.  One of my favourite masks to put on was the Mask of People Pleasing.  In such that I always said Yes to everything no matter what the consequences.  Until one day, I had no choice but to rip off the mask.  I was forced to face reality in the form of a double stroke.  My journey could easily have become just another sad story but instead it transformed into a beacon of hope which guided me to a communion with my Divine Creator.  Much rhetoric is espoused on the journey of life but little is explained thereafter as often it is offered blindly and without thought or substance.   Life is indeed a journey and my discovery was an affirmation of the power of good inherent in all of us, energy so powerful that once reached and harnessed, can heal and create the world we all desire.

I do not claim to be a healing angel.  I am the walking wounded and have decided to put my story down on paper in the hope that I can inspire at least one person to begin their healing journey and to embrace that we are the change we are looking for.

My path towards healing my body was nothing short of miraculous. As this journey unfolded, I had a number of sacred encounters that led me to a place where mind, body and soul came to rest in a holistic state of love, light, laughter, peace and gratitude.  Part of my healing journey was inspired by drawing wisdom from various sources who shared their own journeys with me.  This assisted me to lighten burdens, release bondages, break down barriers and clear blockages – all in all, setting myself free and lifting, what truly was a very heavy emotional mask.

The mask crept up on me.  It wasn’t like I woke up one day and decided to hide from myself and others.  I used the mask as an excuse, as a shield and a weapon instead of engaging and dealing with the problems at hand.  I will be honest and admit that sometimes I was scared of my own light and also used the mask to screen these God given gifts and talents.

Fear;  guilt;  the desire to be compliant;  complacency;  being in a comfort zone;  being afraid of my own uniqueness;  desire to conform;  low self esteem;  clinging to the past;  pain and suffering;  addictions and materialism.   These are all reasons for hiding but all it does is deny our authenticity, it takes us away from realising our dreams and fulfilling our purpose and why we were born.  We have so much to offer the world.  Each and every one of us has a unique and special gift that aligns perfectly with what is needed in our time.

We can choose to be true to ourselves and give life to our unique gifts regardless of how humble they may seem.  Or we can live the life that others expect of us.  We have the power within to make that choice.  There are many techniques and ways that can assist in lifting the mask:  confessing to a priest or to a trusted ally, engaging people who have hurt you or you have hurt or with whom you have issues.    As a starting point perhaps having a truthful one on one conversation with yourself would help.  Say what needs to be said out loud.  The venue doesn’t matter but it does help to be surrounded by nature, in an environment that makes you feel comfortable:  at the sea, in the garden, touching trees and flowers with bare feet on the grass.  Just releasing the energy verbally helps you to feel more in control.

I spent hours, days, weeks and months writing to God, putting pen to paper and saying everything that needed to be said and then burning the piece of paper in a mini ritual of letting go.

mandela forgiveness
Write to God, ask for wisdom and guidance.  When you have a lot of clutter in your head, ask for forgiveness.  In my journey I saw that forgiveness was needed in order for me to move on.  My interaction with Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris has taught me that I have so much to do to journey towards total forgiveness.  I must forgive myself and those that have forsaken me.  It was also very clear that in order for me to do this, the first point was to peel back the layers and unveil the masks that I wear.  This led me to compile these inspirational words that will inspire other souls to do the same.  In short this is my letter to God and it is my hope that it will open opportunities for individuals to have good feelings for themselves, their family, environment, country and the world, by connecting to God.  I can give testimony that forgiveness heals.

You must continue to pray for forgiveness and repeat that you forgive your mother, father, spouse, children, siblings, blood relatives, employers, employees, co-workers, teachers, professionals, religious representatives and other members of society

In all this pain, we must remember that there is also so much to be grateful for.  Show grace and gratitude every day.  This is something I have learnt to do.

One of my friends who attended The Journey with me (a globally recognised and critically acclaimed healing and transformational process to awaken you to your true potential) experienced the stress and the trauma, anger and pain that I felt whilst I was going through my trauma.

With all the challenges, uncertainty and anxiety that we all experience either in forgiving ourselves or those who have hurt us, it is important to look within and learn to forgive.

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