What we all witness in our daily lives is the rapid pace of unprecedented change in the world. We are all involved in some sort of search to find something to hold on to that will just steady us, even if it is momentarily, so that we can assess where we are and develop a way of responding to the chaos.

At the same time, we recognise that we are much more than what we have become and we look for something that will assist us in breaking free from our own imposed limitations. A search in which we seek to become more than the way we have been molded and shaped by our life experiences…. This is also a search for the raising of the level of our Human Consciousness, not just for ourselves as individuals, but as part of the human collective.

MeditateEverything that happens to us is a direct product of our Consciousness. All the problems in our personal lives as well as in the world – diseases, divorces, wars, starvation, unemployment, violence, sexual abuse, ecological destruction – can always be traced back to the (un-) consciousness levels of human beings.

For humanity, the shift to a higher level or form of Consciousness cannot happen passively. The transformation of Consciousness requires effective personal work, that which includes direct and wide-scope engagement with the physical (our bodies), psychological (our thoughts, emotions and beliefs) and spiritual (who we really are as well as our purpose for being here) aspects of existence.

Our Western culture has eliminated the aspect of spirituality from the process of daily life. The modern world with its ‘advanced’ technology (e.g. social media), has eroded our capacity to build effective human relationships and intimate exchanges with each other and the spiritual realm. Thus, in order for us to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the divine – stillness and silence, introspection and meditation are required.

When faced with a situation when everything seems near the point of collapse, when uncertainty and unpredictability are the rule … instead of feeling fearful, recognise this as an opportunity to create a new beginning, a place from which we can change the lane and new things can emerge.

When we move into a new state of consciousness we can begin to recognise who we truly are, and this exposes us to grander experiences.

Life is much larger than we imagine it to be, and when we begin to see a different role for ourselves, which goes beyond our day to day existence, we are lead to a greater sense of oneness and connectivity to every aspect of creation.

Source: Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Observatory, Johannesburg.
Woman of Spirit Programme

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