To maintain and sustain the changes that I made, I continue to use multidisciplinary techniques and processes to ensure that I don’t go back to old masks or create new ones.  The tools and processes that I utilised and would like you to be aware of should be according to your own beliefs and choice:

Harmony: Creating Inner Resilience in Challenging Times Meditation refers to any form of a family of practices in which practitioners train their minds or self-induce a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit.Meditation is generally an inwardly oriented, personal practice.  Prayer beads or other ritual objects may be used during meditation. Meditation may involve invoking or cultivating a feeling or internal state, such as compassion, or attending to a specific focal point.

Music noteWe have all experienced music’s physical, mental and emotional effects on us at one time or another. In fact, the mental effect is so strong at times, a few lines from a song can keep running through our minds despite our efforts to ignore them or make them stop.  If you listen to the sound of your heart and breath, you’ll recognize the ancient rhythms of your own internal drumming. This forever connects you to the Mother of all creation, and to the sound of the planet Earth. These rhythms can’t be faked or forged; they are natural and eternal.

hands-drummingAs we all know rhythm is a basic component to every natural living process. All people have natural rhythm, which often freezes due to unnatural and traumatic events. Drumming unlocks our natural right to feel alive and free.  Drumming has been used for centuries to release emotional stress, raise the spirits, enhance clarity and focus, develop co-operation and community bonds and celebrate significant events.

read-writeReading and writing is a spontaneous spiritual calling.  It can be readily used to heal.  It is an opportunity to inspire the telling of our own authentic stories as we are all authors and artists of our own lives;  it is a time for delving deep inside yourself and letting go so the truth heals you;  telling stories inspires other souls to have the courage to author their own stories in their own organic voices.  It’s an eternal gift and a thought memory that will live beyond your years and live forever – stories never die.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi ShankarSometime in early 2006, just before I was to get my Moment of Grace with my maker, a colleague told me about the Art of Living Foundation and encouraged me to attend the breathing classes held by the Art of Living.  I scoffed at the thought and doubtfully told her that I could never take so much time off work for a silly course.  Little did I know that the Art of Living would contribute to changing my life.  Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress-management and service initiatives.  The Art of Living benefits I have derived:  Reduced stress, improved health and well-being, higher energy levels, my immune system has been strengthened and my cholesterol level has been reduced.   I have a greater sense of creativity and clarity of mind, improved sleep, enhanced brain functioning and an improved ability to manage challenging situations.  I am more at ease, am more joyful and feel harmony in my personal and work relationships.  I have a deeper sense of community and an increased awareness of both myself and my surroundings.  I am more patient and my confidence and self-esteem has increased which means I am less anxious. My meditation practices have been enhanced and I experience deep inner peace of mind.   I also started doing yoga.  I am sleeping better, my immune system is strong and I feel much more relaxed.

Baruch BanaiIn August 2004 my journey to Light began.  I met Dr Baruch Banai at The Centre of Light where I completed the three personal transformation courses they offer.  These courses empower individuals to face challenges at the workplace through personal transformation.  I duly completed Turning Point, Joy Spring and The Mile the 3 courses that form the heart and core of Dr Baruch’s teachings.  They are uniquely designed for individuals who wish to create a most meaningful shift in their own personal lives, and if their consciousness so permits, to extend themselves further in making a significant difference in other human beings’ lives.   The workshops form the constructed catalysts by which individuals are sanctioned to unleash their full human capacities and thereby empowering themselves.  This is what gave me the rare opportunity to learn to perceive and examine my attitude to my life and assisted me with defining who I really am.   Since completing this unique experience to learn about me, I am more aware of who I am.  The workshops have been conducted since 1985, and therefore an estimated 25 000 lives have been touched directly through this work, including my own.

John F. DemartiniThe door to my spiritual self had been opened but I was still slow to react and took longer to respond to what my earth-angel had introduced me to and my resistance remained the same.   I finally decided to open myself up fully and attended Dr John F. Demartini’s course, which resonated with me so deeply that I eventually completed it 5 times.   The Breakthrough Experience is a two-day program that challenges old assumptions about reality and offers you new formulas for living, relating to others and achieving your goals.  This experience gave me an exceptional opportunity of a lifetime which expanded my mind, opened my heart and allowed me to journey upward and outward to a greater sphere of living to experience the truth of my own magnificence.

The two major things that I learnt was to let go of anger and to forgive and to not allow the past nor the future to keep me from enjoying the present.

Dadi JankiIn June 2006 I was invited to attend the Call of Time Retreat.  This retreat is designed to provide space for one on one conversations, small group dialogue and generous time for silent reflection and meditation, I met the most beautiful soul, Dadi Janki, the founder of Brahma Kumaris, the World Spiritual University.  She was 90 years old at the time and gave me the most amazing gift of life and never forgot me.  Dadi Janki is a spiritual teacher and leader whose life and personal well-being reveal a holistic approach to health – where physical, mental and spiritual aspects are considered.  She recognises that while technological advances in diagnosis and treatment are essential and need to be shared globally, many health problems arise from emotional suffering and need to be addressed at a deeper level.

BodyTalkI also found a wonderful BodyTalk practitioner and attended many sessions which really helped in my healing.  The BodyTalk System seeks to address the “whole person”. This means that no aspect of the human psyche can be overlooked, be it emotional, physical or environmental.

I now believe in myself with a deeper understanding, humility and acceptance that I can make light from the dark.  When doubts set in, I turn and leave with a conviction that is strong and true.  I have come to the understanding that few people face with courage all that life gives them.

Yvonne KgameAt this moment I endeavour to always create beauty, harmony and perfection in all areas of my life.  I fully understand that my body is not a monument that will last forever – when my purpose on planet earth is complete I will die gracefully. I have learnt that the only person that can help me, that can free me is myself.  No one else can do it.  I had to be brave and open my eyes to the fact that I was denying who I was out of fear and mistrust.   You can free yourself.  Use the power within.  The wisdom, knowledge, power and understanding is within you.  You just need to give yourself a chance. Make that call and break through.  Letting go and opening myself up was the beginning of the awakening of my soul.  It can be for you to.

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